Eco Lips Inc

Eco Lips has a team of lip loving, dedicated employees producing millions of lips balms annually, found domestically and abroad. We love the world, and we are changing it for the better, one set of lips at a time. From our short lead time, customer service and quality to our eco-friendly packaging and speedy delivery, our customers find value in everything we do and provide.

We’re more than a private label lip balm company. We use our products to compel our great ideals: healthy and active lifestyles and a deep respect for the soil we tread on. This philosophy is intended to create harmony with all of those whose lives we touch, and this great planet Mother Earth.

We use good manufacturing processes (GMP) to ensure cleanliness every step of the way. From our low batch temperature and slow-fill manufacturing process to our lot coding and labeling lines, we are acutely focused on the details of the entire process. Our products are also made with aromatherapy grade essential oils, and are always free of palm oil  and petroleum.

We’ve been a leading provider of organic lip balm to the natural products industry in the United States and abroad. Our private label options are diverse as our range of lip care. We have the ability to create endless flavors, tube and cap customization, and just about anything else you can dream up! If you have a great idea or a specific need you don’t see on our site, just ask!